Mothers and Daughters

Thanks, darling daughter, for a memorable Mother’s Day!  It was so much fun feasting at the Los Angeles Athletic Club’s superb Mom’s Day brunch, and even more fun trying to walk off all those carbs as Victoria Bernal took several of us on a dtla walking tour of sites connected with the famous and not-so-famous women in LA.

Bernal introduced herself outside the Pico Building by sharing that her mother’s vast knowledge of LA’s women might have made its way to a book had her mom not died of cancer last spring.  By the time we reached the Bradbury Building, Bernal had recruited several speaking experts who were also moms of young children–the lady in the dark hat was a Cal State Northridge professor who shared details of the Bradbury’s history while her infant snoozed peacefully on.  And the woman in colorful dress pictured bending over her daughter became our knowledgeable guide further down Broadway when we came to the Herald Examiner Building.

These women and my own daughters have shown me just how expert we are in multitasking!



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