Schoolkidz +Art = Victory over Graffiti

IMG_3249IMG_3247How pretty!  It isn’t often that a dtla construction site gets that reaction, but leave it to the South Park Business Improvement District to tackle graffiti in a new way.  Knowing that the city last year spent $7.5 million, when the under-construction Onyx apartments (440 W. Pico) were tagged repeatedly, the District gathered $10,000 and asked the Do Art Foundation to work with kids from Metro Charter Elementary School. The result can be enjoyed in these photos:  lots of red, white, and blue designs with smiling strings of cans right in the middle!  Does this art deter taggers?  Let’s just say that before the children’s art went up for view, the site was being tagged about 25 times a month.  Now, two months after the installation, there have only been two taggings.  Maybe the “graffiti artists” so respect the work of their fellow artists that they’ve decided to LET IT BE.  What do you think?  Maybe we’re on to something here–maybe we ought to try this again.

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